Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent way to promote your business, products, or services. 

Unlike other marketing methods, email-led marketing achieves higher conversion rates, and by adopting this very effective mechanism, you can obtain unequaled direct access to your customers, allowing your business to reach greater levels of success. 

The use of high-quality content, alongside precise segmentation, can -in fact- become an excellent resource in the kindling of new connections and business deals with potential customers. At GSS, we’ve created an effective process of multi-channel engagement that enables the generation of psychological links between business prospects and your own company. 

Marketing en LinkedIn

As per our latest research, Linkedin hosts nearly 620 million professionals in its database. One very considerable chunk of this list consists of decision makers, who are pivotal in the final calling of important business deals. Linkedin is the network better suited for B2B models. 

GSS’ process includes a series of Linkedin interactions that both compliment and complete our own email marketing efforts. The habitual regularity of these interactions, added to the high quality of the contents present in our messaging campaigns, will effectively aid your business to better grasp the attention of your desired prospects. Likewise, the addition of the Linkedin factor will stimulate the health of your newly-born prospect connections, nurturing them throughout the entire sales “funneling” process, starting from the creation of the connection, all the way down to the signing of the business contract. 

Procesos Anti-Spam

Imagine designing the “perfect” sales campaign, using the highest-quality content available and with the backing of the ideal decision-makers. Now, imagine said campaign squandered by having it fall into your client’s spam folders. That’s got to be frustrating, to say the least. Great business and connection opportunities lost, just like that!

With that in mind, GSS has developed razor-sharp techniques, guides, and processes that guarantee the avoidance of spam folder incidents by 99%. We can fully guarantee that YOUR messages will land right before your client’s eyes, at the exact required moment. 

Posicionamiento Orgánico - SEO

Global Sales Solution implements a set of strategies designed to augment both the quality and quantity of your website’s traffic. An initial analysis will be key in determining the current performance of your website, and in pinpointing the necessary adjustments to optimize your website’s loading speed. 

The main objective of rankings in search engines is to position any given website in the prime positions of Google’s natural results for specific keywords, the same that are employed to facilitate users’ searches for any related products or services. 

Without a doubt, good SEO practices are amongst the best advertisement techniques to guarantee proper ROI results. And in today’s online competitive scenario, any business that desires good web-market revenues cannot go without a proper search engine positioning strategy. 


In order to achieve -and maintain- success in the B2b sales realm, it is indispensable to develop every feasible capability in your home sales team. A combination of a strategy, technology and an optimized sales team are key for a winning sales effort. With that said, the optimization of your business’ sales structure ought to be a continuous and repetitive process. 

Whether via online form or in-situ, our sales optimization program will provide your team with all the know-how and tools required to turn them into veritable sales stars, and in doing so, give a boost to your available human assets’ productivity.

Content Selling

Global Sales Solutions provides its clients with curated messages and contents, combined with all the essential services required to procure the proper growth of your prospects portfolio, eventual deal closings and hopefully, even future positive references.

We make it our goal to engage in actual conversations with prospective clients. These are essential to guarantee successful negotiation results, and to provide the users with the optimal learning of all the involved processes. Think on it this way: The more conversations held, the greater your chances to attain happy, satisfied customers, and a better promotion of your own brand. 

Whether by means of a valuable business proposal, a detailed article, or a technical document that demonstrates your leadership in the particular field relating to your products or services, our solid content products are among the best tools at your disposal to boost your brand’s reputation. In short, turn simple clicks into automatic sales!




During this initial stage, we will learn all about your ideal customer’s profile, your value propositions, and your most relevant cases of success.



We will identify market segmentations on the basis of the assessed strengths obtained from the initial stage.



Our process combines automated and practical procedures, necessary for the proper development of relevant and up-to-date information.



Global Sales Solutions provides its clients with curated messages and content for eye-catching email campaigns and Linkedin requests.



Our strong combination of email messages, Linkedin requests, and personable phone calls will help you to connect to your goal market.



Expect productive campaign engagements, increased new LI connections, valuable database resources, and scalable/replicable predictable sales funnel buildups.