We multiply its closing power.

To accelerate your Sales Closing process. We make use of a human-centric process, enhanced by the latest technology to better position your services and products before the decision-makers. We develop independent sales strategies & campaigns, each one built to address a service or user experience within a preselected market segment.

  • 99.5% precision in all data-building processes.
  • Guaranteed protection of the reputation of your domain and IP address.
  • Exclusivity & confidentiality for your databases.
  • Daily interactions with our entire team via Slack©.

Focused Marketing

We will identify your target market by means of a thorough analysis of your current customer portfolio, or by the creation of a profile of your ideal customer.

Precise & Relevant Data

By identifying the key decision-makers in each field, we can create precise databases with relevant and up-to-date information.

Multichannel Marketing

By using a drip campaign strategy, we connect you with your target audience through various means of communication.


Driving your revenue growth is our business.

More than 20% of all emails worldwide never make it to the inbox. Losing your emails in the spam folder means losing new business and important connection opportunities. With our protection plan we make sure that you are never part of that 20%.

DNS Configuration

Our team of specialists will configure the DMARC, DKIM and SPF protocols, as well as any other registry necessary to guarantee the validation and proper delivery capabilities of your messages.

Dedicated IP

Shared IP addresses are similar to massive public highways: An excess of vehicles on the road will make yours go slower, and might even stop your motion entirely! A dedicated IP address functions as a “private” highway route for your campaigns. A dedicated IP address functions as a “private” highway route for your campaigns.

Starting Your Own Business?

Want to avoid unsuccessful business models? We can help you develop a well-thought-out and audacious marketing plan for your business from the start, and provide answers to common questions like: What is my service/product’s purpose? Who may benefit from it? How do I go about it?